As Live As It Gets

Blaze was firing on all cylinder in the early 2000’s. The band had released the heavy metal classic Silicon Messiah and the underrated follow up Tenth Dimension. Two albums that proved to the world that Blaze Bayley was more then just “that guy from Iron Maiden.” In 2003 the band released their first and only live … Continue reading “As Live As It Gets”

Infinite Entanglement

If there is two words that I would use to describe Blaze Bayley’s music, it would be “consistent” and “reliable.” Time and time again, this man finds some great musicians and dusts off his box of great songs and 2016’s Infinite Entanglement being no different. When I listened to Blaze Bayley’s recent music video, I initially … Continue reading “Infinite Entanglement”

Tenth Dimension

After releasing the criminally underrated classic Silicon Messiah, Blaze Bayley and his band of musicians soldiered forth and continued on their creative spree with the equally impressive second album, Tenth Dimension. At this point in Blaze Bayley’s career, he should be well passed caring about what Iron Maiden fans think of him. He proved those … Continue reading “Tenth Dimension”