Thunder w/ Cats In Space Clyde Auditorium Glasgow (22/3/17)

It’s another week and it’s another (tedious) trip down to Glasgow to see yet another concert. This week we are heading down to see the English hard rock band Thunder. The five piece band were supported by the unusually named but highly entertaining Cats In Space. The current Thunder tour has been one that I have … Continue reading “Thunder w/ Cats In Space Clyde Auditorium Glasgow (22/3/17)”

Spamalot The Tivoli Theatre Aberdeen (11/3/17)

As someone who enjoys multiple forms of entertainment, I have never been particularly fond of going to a theatre. Stage shows is something that whilst I admire the talent and effort that goes into it, has never been something that has attracted my attention. Well, that was until the Monty Python team announced a yearly … Continue reading “Spamalot The Tivoli Theatre Aberdeen (11/3/17)”