Ray Suhy releases Cerulean music video

Guitarist Ray Suhy of the bands Six Feet Under (Metal Blade Records), Cannabis Corpse (Season Of Mist) and ex-East Of The Wall is set to release “Fulmination”, his first release since 2015’s critically well received fusion record “Tessellations”. Suhy returns this time with an explosive, instrumental metal E.P.  “Fulmination” will be released June 16th via … Continue reading “Ray Suhy releases Cerulean music video”

Riviere have released new Satin Night music video

French progressive metal band Riviere have released a new music video for the song, Satin Night. The song is taken from the bands debut album, Heal which is out now via Basick Records. RIVIẼRE recently announced their debut UK tour, supporting progressive instrumentalist Sarah Longfield. Dates: 11.07.2017 Glasgow Audio 12.07.2017 Newcastle Jumpin’ Jacks 14.07.2017 Leeds Hyde … Continue reading “Riviere have released new Satin Night music video”

The Midnight Ghost Train announces new album

Seared by the Sunflower State of Kansas, THE MIDNIGHT GHOST TRAIN keeps rollin’ again – and they are about to return with their most diverse album to date! The band’s fourth opus titled ‘Cypress Ave.’ is set to be released July 28th 2017 on Napalm Records, and will please both old and new fans alike. … Continue reading “The Midnight Ghost Train announces new album”

Papa Roach releases new song Help

Papa Roach recently announced that on May 19th they will release their ninth-studio album, Crooked Teeth via Eleven Seven Music. The band has already given fans of taste of album with the November release of the title track. Well, now you can check out the video for their song Help. Both songs will be instantly available to those who … Continue reading “Papa Roach releases new song Help”

Bjorn Riis releases Forever Comes To An End

Bjorn Riis has released the first track from their up coming new album of the same name. Forever Comes To An End is due to be released on May 19th, 2017 and will be released on CD, Double Vinyl and as a digital download. A highly respected guitarist within the internet guitar community, and with … Continue reading “Bjorn Riis releases Forever Comes To An End”

Listen to Curse of Darkness by Dragonforce

Dragonforce are back a new single called Curse of Darkness. This new song and the previously released Judgement Day is taken from the power metal band’s new album Reaching Into Infinity which will be released on May 19th via earMUSIC. The album will be released as a CD, special edition CD/DVD and as a vinyl record. Purchase … Continue reading “Listen to Curse of Darkness by Dragonforce”

NEW Prince EP Deliverance coming April 21st!

Prince fans, it is time to get your wallet out as their is a new EP coming out in two days. The record is called Deliverance and features six songs recorded between 2006 and 2009. Unfortunately, the EP will only be made available digitally and will be released in American only. There will be a … Continue reading “NEW Prince EP Deliverance coming April 21st!”

Anticlockwise releases Raise Your Head music video

Anticlockwise have released a brand new music video. The song Raise Your Head is from their new album Raise Your Head which was released on December 16th, 2016. Check it out below. “The album leading thread concerns the relationship between mankind and the world wide web, the social networks and the compulsory use of all … Continue reading “Anticlockwise releases Raise Your Head music video”

Celeb Car Crash releases Enemy’s Desire music video

Alternative Rock band Celeb Car Crash have released the official music video for their track “Enemy’s Desire” from their critically acclaimed new album People Are The Best Show. The “Enemy’s Desire” video is based on the most classical archetypes, but is still impactful: a starter, a couple, a “witness”, and a linear path dealing with life, … Continue reading “Celeb Car Crash releases Enemy’s Desire music video”

Inexorable to release Sea of Dead Consciousness CD

Godz Ov War Productions is proud to present Inexorable‘s third EP “Sea of Dead Consciousness“. Originally released as a limited-edition cassette in 2015, “Sea of Dead Consciousness“ was a strikingly unique’n’twisted slice of death metal that Godz Ov War Productions felt deserved a wider release. Now amended with an additional track, “Sea of Dead Consciousness“ … Continue reading “Inexorable to release Sea of Dead Consciousness CD”