Listen to Curse of Darkness by Dragonforce

Dragonforce are back a new single called Curse of Darkness. This new song and the previously released Judgement Day is taken from the power metal band’s new album Reaching Into Infinity which will be released on May 19th via earMUSIC. The album will be released as a CD, special edition CD/DVD and as a vinyl record. Purchase … Continue reading “Listen to Curse of Darkness by Dragonforce”

NEW Prince EP Deliverance coming April 21st!

Prince fans, it is time to get your wallet out as their is a new EP coming out in two days. The record is called Deliverance and features six songs recorded between 2006 and 2009. Unfortunately, the EP will only be made available digitally and will be released in American only. There will be a … Continue reading “NEW Prince EP Deliverance coming April 21st!”

Jorn to release Life on Death Road in June

Frontiers Music Srl is delighted to announce the release of JORN‘s brand new studio album, entitled “Life on Death Road” on June 2, 2017. Easily one of the greatest rock singers of the 21st century, Norway’s very own giant Viking warrior Jorn Lande’svocals are resoundingly strong once again on his ninth original studio album, “Life on … Continue reading “Jorn to release Life on Death Road in June”

Anticlockwise releases Raise Your Head music video

Anticlockwise have released a brand new music video. The song Raise Your Head is from their new album Raise Your Head which was released on December 16th, 2016. Check it out below. “The album leading thread concerns the relationship between mankind and the world wide web, the social networks and the compulsory use of all … Continue reading “Anticlockwise releases Raise Your Head music video”

Celeb Car Crash releases Enemy’s Desire music video

Alternative Rock band Celeb Car Crash have released the official music video for their track “Enemy’s Desire” from their critically acclaimed new album People Are The Best Show. The “Enemy’s Desire” video is based on the most classical archetypes, but is still impactful: a starter, a couple, a “witness”, and a linear path dealing with life, … Continue reading “Celeb Car Crash releases Enemy’s Desire music video”

Inexorable to release Sea of Dead Consciousness CD

Godz Ov War Productions is proud to present Inexorable‘s third EP “Sea of Dead Consciousness“. Originally released as a limited-edition cassette in 2015, “Sea of Dead Consciousness“ was a strikingly unique’n’twisted slice of death metal that Godz Ov War Productions felt deserved a wider release. Now amended with an additional track, “Sea of Dead Consciousness“ … Continue reading “Inexorable to release Sea of Dead Consciousness CD”

Seven Kingdoms releases Neverending music video

Florida power metal act SEVEN KINGDOMS have unveiled the track listing and cover art for their forthcoming Full Length album, Decennium. This 10-Year-Anniversary Album follows up the successfully crowdfunded In The Walls EP, and will feature the two new songs from the EP along with 8 brand new tracks. The Crowdfunding Campaign for Decennium will … Continue reading “Seven Kingdoms releases Neverending music video”

Whiskey Myers announces UK tour!

Whiskey Myers have confirmed a headline European tour for May 2017, including dates in Germany, the Netherlands, France and the UK – these follow on from the band’s recent UK visit which saw venues being upgraded and all shows selling out. To date, Whiskey Myers – Cody Cannon, Vocals & Guitar / Cody Tate, Guitar … Continue reading “Whiskey Myers announces UK tour!”

Panzer announces new line-up!

After their debut attack titled ‘Send Them All To Hell’ in 2014, it became a little too quiet around the heavy metal super group PÄNZER. But the soldiers around Destruction frontman Schmier never sleep, and now they have announced that they are working on new songs again – with a new line-up! After the departure of … Continue reading “Panzer announces new line-up!”

Horror God inks deal with Lavadome Productions

Lavadome Productions has introduced a stirring addition to its roster – Russian nihilists HORROR GOD. The experimental death metal band has signed with Lavadome for the 2017 release of a split CD with fellow Russian death metal band TECHNE. HORROR GOD will remain in league with Lavadome for its forthcoming third full-length opus. HORROR GOD’s “Dust,” the first track from the split to be … Continue reading “Horror God inks deal with Lavadome Productions”