Sumerlands to release début album in September

Sumerlands is a super group of heavy metal veterans. The band are releasing their self titled début album on September 16th via Relapse Records. The album is due to be released on CD, Vinyl and as a digital download. You can listen to their single, Guardian below. You can purchase the album digitally (HERE). Sumerlands … Continue reading “Sumerlands to release début album in September”

2015’s Most Read Album Reviews

Using a bit more mathematics than others, here we present to you the album reviews which you – our visitors! – have read the most en masse on DemonsZone in 2015. The top 10 most read album reviews below are presented in order of the most visited to the least visited. These numbers are collected through Google … Continue reading “2015’s Most Read Album Reviews”

2015’s Most Enthralling Reviews

For this end of year list, we bring to you the “most enthralling” album reviews; those reviews which people starting reading on their tablets and probably nodded off halfway through! Or scrolled right to the bottom and listened to the music. Fingers crossed (for us) that it is the latter and not the former. But here it … Continue reading “2015’s Most Enthralling Reviews”

Most played albums of 2015

The end of the year is upon us and it has been quite a stressful year for Demonszone. We have been constantly bombarded with new albums from so many places across the world. I have heard a lot of great stuff from Europe and many countries from the other side of the world and have been at the end … Continue reading “Most played albums of 2015”

#DZ11Years – Most Enthralling Reviews

Instead of just looking at a bean counter saying what is the most read review, we thought it would be more interesting to find the most “enthralling” reviews. These eleven albums are the ones which you spent the most time reading (or a few people went for pints in mid review skewing the numbers!) in the … Continue reading “#DZ11Years – Most Enthralling Reviews”

#DZ11Years – Most Read Albums

We always knew we were an eclectic bunch here at DemonsZone but it is nice to see that you guys are just as mental. It warms the heart, honestly! Moving more and more towards being a very open minded list, we present to you our eleven most read albums since September 2014 to now according to … Continue reading “#DZ11Years – Most Read Albums”