NOYDEM to release A Time Will Come EP in December

A Time Will Come is the second EP of NOYDEM. It reflects the will of the band to get back to a more rock approach, compared to its previous album. This EP expresses the feeling of people struck with ostracism in today’s society. The track Bring Me Down, for example, deals with the radicalisation of … Continue reading “NOYDEM to release A Time Will Come EP in December”

Watch Fallen Angels by Nervcast

Toronto, ON’s NERVCAST will be unleashing their debut EP “Locked And Loaded” on October 21st. Just as the title describes, this EP introduction from the band is full of four hard hitting tracks that are catchy and have lyrics that are relevant. The EP was mastered by Joey Sturgis (Asking Alexandra, The Devil Wears Prada) plus produced/engineered by Collin Young (Animal Faces, … Continue reading “Watch Fallen Angels by Nervcast”

Arisen From Nothing release first single Chaos

Broken is the new extended play from the band Arisen From Nothing. The record is being releases through Collective Wave Records and is due for release on September 29th, 2017. To coincide with bands new album coming out, the group have released their first new single called, Chaos. You can check it out below via Youtube. … Continue reading “Arisen From Nothing release first single Chaos”

The Kahless Clone to release Our Never-Ending Loneliness EP

Our Never-Ending Loneliness, the sophomore EP from Chicago Instrumental Dark Music Band THE KAHLESS CLONE will be released November 3 on digital and CD formats. Featuring NOVEMBERS DOOM guitarist Vito Marchese, the new EP builds on the foundation established with stunning debut EP An Endless Loop, and forges the vibe of dark metal, with the … Continue reading “The Kahless Clone to release Our Never-Ending Loneliness EP”

Egyptian Blue the new EP from Prostitution coming in October

Brooklyn Progressive Black Metallers PROSTITUTION are set to release new EP Egyptian Blue on October 10. The trio of bassist/vocalist Jesse Adelson (BEAST MODULUS), guitarist/vocalist Russ Cowen (BLACK HARVEST), and drummer Jason Spence (DEMILITIA) incorporate elements of black metal, thrash, shoe-gaze, and psych-rock, with an accentuation of melodic themes and a strong sense of harmony. Indeed, the sound produced … Continue reading “Egyptian Blue the new EP from Prostitution coming in October”

Encyrcle to release Burning Child EP via Unspeakable Axe Records

Unspeakable Axe Records will unleash the fury of Encyrcle later this month with the release of the band’s new EP, Burning Child. On the heels of their 2016 self-titled debut, Denmark heavy/speed metallers Encyrcle have returned with Burning Child. The EP represents more than one kind of shift for the band – they replaced their singer following the … Continue reading “Encyrcle to release Burning Child EP via Unspeakable Axe Records”

Stielas Storhett announces new EP Curtain

Russian post-black metal prodigy, Stiela Storhett has announced the released date for his new extended play, Curtain. The record will be released on September 15th, 2017 through Wormholedeath and The Orchard. Stiela Storhett – Curtain Track List: Tearing Off… The Curtain My Kingdom of Gods Shallow Then Halo (cover) Wlkngrnd The Journey of A.

One Life All-In to release new EP next week

One Life All-In is a new band including among other members singer Don Foose (The Spudmonsters/Run Devil Run) and drummer Kevin Foley (Sepultura/Abbath/Benighted). Based upon hardcore roots, their music lies somewhere between punk rock, metal and rock. With its very first EP titled The A7 Session, One Life All-In proves that hardcore can be open-minded and … Continue reading “One Life All-In to release new EP next week”

Madball release Family Biz split LP

NYHC kings MADBALL have teamed up with Fast Break Records for a forthcoming split 7”. The ‘Family Biz’ 7” sees the band joining forces with PA’s blue-collar-core heroes, WISDOM IN CHAINS.  To be released on September 25, the split will feature one new song from each group. ‘For The Cause’ from MADBALL will be the title of the group’s forthcoming album on which the band … Continue reading “Madball release Family Biz split LP”

COPE to release Tooth & Nail EP in October

Heavy punk/hardcore outfit COPE are delighted to announce their new EP titled Tooth & Nail, set for release on October 13. The band have streamed the eponymous track from the EP, originally premiered on Punktastic. You can listen to the song Tooth & Nail on Soundcloud here. The track is but a glimpse into the soundworld on COPE’s upcoming … Continue reading “COPE to release Tooth & Nail EP in October”