Review: Supersonic Rock n Roll

Despite the awfully silly name of Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard, this band are a solid hard rock group that I think have a lot of potential to release a really good album. But until then, Super Sonic Rock n Roll is a good start.

Super Sonic Rock n Roll is a blues hard rocking album that borderlines on heavy metal. These moments are a seriously mixed bag with a good selection of riffs, heavy beats and the occasional lead guitar passage. Together it it all makes one solid package but with some flaws.

The biggest flaw on this album is the snarling vocals. I just don’t think they fit this kind of music and it is a shame to see that bands keep doing it. I really enjoyed the riffs on Grind The Grinder, Fight Fight Fight and the album title track,┬áSuper Sonic Rock n Roll for example but to hear this vicious vocally delivery for the entire album becomes a little grating.

With that said, the music variety is interesting to say the least. There are numerous up beat hard rock songs, like the songs mentioned above. There are a couple of more blues orientated rock numbers like Galactic Motherfucker and Roll n Burn and there are a couple of much heavier metal songs that bring the album down. These two songs, Dead Smile and Love For Speed are the big weak points on the album, everything else is perfectly enjoyable and well worth listening to.

I have to admit that I didn’t enjoy the production style. It was a little too coarse and featured too much treble for my cup of tea. Much like the vocals, the over all sound became quite grating after two or three songs. But the overall product is consistent and quite solid. I liked this record and for those who want a more “modern” hard rock sound, this is an album you should maybe check out.

Rating : 8 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Grind the Grinder
  2. Dead Smile
  3. Galactic Motherfucker
  4. Love for Speed
  5. Roll n Burn
  6. Fight Fight Fight
  7. Supersonic Rock n Roll
  8. Bad Boy Benny
  9. God of No
  10. Judas

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