Review: Kingdom of Nothingness

There came a point where I really started to enjoy black metal. From great bands from ImmortalEmperorBehemoth to unpopular so called “sell outs” Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir, there was a lot of variety and clear evolution in the genre. Unfortunately it seems that the metal sub-genre is really starting to decline, at least from my perspective.

You see, at Demonszone we receive multiple black metal albums a day for review and finding a good one is becoming so rare that it is starting to put me off of the genre. Take an album like Kingdom of Nothingness for example. This record is effectively the same song expanded over a fifty minute run time. You could argue that they are separate tracks and have their own lyrics and so on, but the problem here is they quite literally all sound the same. I am not shitting you.

There is noway, just no way that any musician thinks playing this guitar style for fifty minutes is a good idea, never mind the god awful tone. There is no break or change of style, it is the same buzzsaw guitar riffs over and over again. Even repetitive groups like 1349 are not this bad. It also doesn’t help that the overall production style is too raw, too thin and has no real meat behind it. It just doesn’t sound pleasant at all.

Kingdom of Nothingness, does exactly what it says on the cover… absolutely nothing. Fucking all. Zilch. This album is a waste of money to buy, the music was a waste of time to record and I feel sorry for anyone who has to sit through it.

Rating : 1 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Befog
  2. The Relief of Disbelief
  3. Mina
  4. 769
  5. Diabolis Praescriptum
  6. Common Insanity
  7. A State of Chaos
  8. As Weak As Your God
  9. Abet
  10. Echoes From Nowhere
  11. The Ascension
  12. A Crowded Nothingness
  13. Evoke (bonus)