Review: The Awakening

The Awakening is the debut album from the band Worhol. The father and daughter combo have put together a good start for themselves in a world where metal music has become extremely repetitive.

Worhol is a band led by Ashley and Larry Worhol, a family combo who are in relation to Andy Worhol. Alongside Craig Malinowski and Marty Naul, they make a good team. Their music is quite similar to the likes of Delain with lots of modern symphonic metal traits. The music is consistently good with no real bad song in the forty four minute running time.

Though it wouldn’t be lying to say that The Awakening is a really good album, it isn’t without its faults. I enjoyed the music and I would happily listen to it again but it is hard not to notice the lack of diversity in the writing. There is too much of the same styles going on. It would have been nice to hear Ashley change her vocals up a little or even just add in a few fast paced songs to break up the slow pace.

This complaint is not an issue with Worhol directly, but metal bands in general. In today’s metal world, bands are focusing less on mixing things up and spend their time milking one particular sound instead. Worhol is a really good band and I reckon they have a lot of potential to put out a real smashing album. The Awakening is a fine start but if the band take the same skill and add in some diverse music styles or tempo changes, we could be in for a nice surprise with their follow up.

Rating : 7 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Voices From Above
  2. Bowing Before You
  3. Time to Say Goodbye
  4. Already Forgotten
  5. Rage and Revenge
  6. In This Town
  7. We The Abused
  8. Jurisdiction
  9. Is This What's Left of Me
  10. The Darkness