Review: Cold Like War

The idea behind metalcore was a unique one near twenty years ago. In 2017 however, it has become a seriously stale style of metal and on Cold Like War, it shows no signs of getting its second wind.

Of all the heavy metal sub-genres, metalcore has easily become the most predictable. Normally, people would say this for the death metal or black metal sub-genre, but at least they have made new ground in recent years by implementing classical, folk and jazz etc. Metalcore on the other hand is still pulling off the same tricks now as they did fifteen years ago and to say I’m sick of hearing it is an understatement.

Songs like the opening, Vultures With Clipped Wings, the slightly pop orientated Two Hands, Foreign Fire etc have absolutely no personality to them whatsoever. Sure, they are well played but with the growling, start/stop rhythms and the horrible low end production, it just sounds like all the other metalcore bands.

Talking of the production, there is a very subtle but extremely uncomfortable low end droning through out this record. It is a common production choice from all these bands, it makes me feel physically uncomfortable really making albums like Cold Like War, very hard to listen to. I would dread to hear how this kind of music sounds through headphones.

As it is, this is just another metalcore album. It has the same tropes as all the others bands, including the awful screeching and bad production. If you’re into that then, here you go. If not, don’t bother with it.

Rating : 7 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Vultures With Clipped Wings
  2. Cold Like War
  3. Two Hands
  4. Lost in the Moment
  5. Foreign Fire
  6. Wasted Age
  7. Encoder
  8. If There's Nothing To See
  9. Promise Me
  10. Learning To Survive