Review: Reidolized (The Soundtrack to The Crimson Idol)

When an artist feels the need to completely re-record an album, you have to wonder what is going through their head. Blackie Lawless of W.A.S.P. clearly felt that his project from 1992 was left unfinished and has taking The Crimson Idol, re-recorded it from the ground up. It has to be one of his most controversial ideas in years, yet he does it with some surprisingly good results.

I have never been one to under estimate the talents of Lawless and company. He is a great song writer who surrounds himself with great musicians and you hear that in full swing here. The band sound incredibly tight and very energetic as they put their own spin on these now twenty five year old songs. The drums sound considerably better than the original release with a nice mix of a snappy snare drum, booming bass and thick sounding tom toms. The guitars have the same tone as the previous albums, Golgotha, Babylon and Dominator. The modern W.A.S.P. sound lends itself to this more serious concept and tone quite nicely. Alot better than the dated early ’90s production style of the past record.

Right off the bat you can hear how the album has improved. The original Crimson Idol album had pretty typical production for the time. But on, Reidolized (The Soundtrack to The Crimson Idol), the band have a considerably more crisp clear sound. Of course, there will be fans of the original album who will not like the new sound. It is perfectly understandable after all these years. But fans who have kept in touch with the band through out the years will find it hard to deny that hearing the current line up blast their way through the likes of The Invisible Boy and Chainsaw Charlie (Murder in the New Morgue) gives the songs a new lease of life.

There have been some interesting changes in terms of the track list. You’ll find some new interludes, my favourite being Michael’s Song. The track features some nice soft lead guitar playing and acts as a great interlude to the superb, Miss You, my favourite song from the Golgotha album. Hey Mama, features some personal lyrics and conveys a lot of emotion in terms of the albums plot. Blackie Lawless puts on a superb vocal performance here, even hitting an ear piercing falsetto scream.

I have to give credit where it is due. Blackie Lawless not only re-recorded his best album with great success, but he also added to the track list without it sounding overly long or out of place. Reidolized (The Soundtrack to The Crimson Idol) is a very easy listen, it has great production and the songs flow into one another perfectly. I have always considered The Crimson Idol as one of heavy metal’s most underrated albums, worthy of every fans collection. But when this album comes out, I would change my mind and say that this new version is the must have W.A.S.P. record. It is more energetic, the line up is clearly more consistent and the production is right on the money. Perfect.

Rating : 10 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. The Titanic Overture
  2. The Invisible Boy
  3. Arena of Pleasure
  4. Chainsaw Charlie (Murders in the New Morgue)
  5. The Gypsy Meets the Boy
  6. Michael's Song
  7. Miss You
  8. Doctor Rockter
  9. I Am One
  10. The Idol
  11. Hold On To My Heart
  12. Hey Mama
  13. The Lost Boy
  14. The Peace
  15. Show Time
  16. The Great Misconception of Me