Review: Götterdämmerung

After releasing the extremely popular Das Ende Aller Lügen album in 2016, the band quickly jumped back into the recording studio to record the 2017 four track extended play Götterdämmerung.

It is safe to say that fans of Varg will enjoy this new record regardless of their stand on the band. Each track has very nice production values and each song is reasonably catchy, some more than others.

Those looking for something different from Varg will be a little disappointed. This is essentially more of the same and there isn’t much to complain about to be honest. My favourite songs on the record were Beißreflex and the final track Knochenpfad. Both songs had a nice mix of riffs and held the rhythm quite well. That isn’t taking anything away from the title track and Hel, they were simply a lot less memorable.

So with a new extended play out, is it worth buying? Well if you’re a fan of the band I say you should. It’s a good consistently solid EP and a cheap purchase. I don’t see why any fan wouldn’t want these four extra songs for their collection.

Rating : 8 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Gods Dawn
  2. Hel
  3. Biting Relfex
  4. Bone Path