Review: Future Of The Past II – Hell In The East

Death metal veterans Vader have ended their 2015 with a covers album, a very brutal straight forward covers album.

Future of the Past II – Hell In The East is a forty minute death metal covers album featuring some hard to find or fairly unheard of tracks. If you know anything about Vader’s style of death metal then you shouldn’t be surprised at a single song on this album. As far as it goes, this is about as straight forward as death metal is going to get. In typical Vader fashion, the music is dark thunderous and generally sounds pissed off as they destroy twelve unique choices of covers.

The album features some great covers of Necronomicon by Imperator and Totalni Destrukce by Krabathor. Each song is very well recorded and feature the same amount of charm you will find in Vader’s own compositions. Some of the songs play like extreme punk and others like never ending blast beats. But as a whole Future of the Past II – Hell In The East  stands as a very consistent album that a lot of people should enjoy.

The only problem with an album like this is its like of diversity. There is absolutely nothing different or new here what so ever. It is just straight forward up beat death metal through and through. Being limited musically is great for the hardcore but covers albums is usually a could way to entice people who are not normally into that kind of thing. This is not the case however and I cannot see this album appealing to many people out with the die hard death metal scene.

Rating : 7 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Ostatni diakon (Exorcist cover)
  2. Noc demona (Ghost cover)
  3. Necronomicon (Imperator cover)
  4. Totální destrukce (Krabathor cover)
  5. Sen schizofrenika (Markiz de Sade cover)
  6. The Beginning of Darkness (Merciless Death cover)
  7. Ostatni sakrament (Scarecrow cover)
  8. No Return (Slashing Death cover)
  9. Czas apokalipsy (Slaughter cover)
  10. Necromaniac (Thanatos cover)
  11. Czarny anioł (Thrasher Death cover)
  12. Wyrocznia (Kat cover)

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