Review: The Sin And The Sentence

It’s 2017 and Trivium are back with their eight studio album, The Sin And The Sentence. The band have armed themselves with a brutal new drummer and a hours worth of new music, the result is the most consistent album the band have released since 2008’s, Shogun.

Trivium is a band that have shown clear signs of improvement over the last twelve years and the music on, The Sin And The Sentence, is no different. These guys clearly do not get enough credit for this album, much like the previously mentioned Shogun and 2015’s Silence in the Snow, show a more mature sound with some quality musicianship thrown in for good measure.

Those looking for meaty heavy guitar riffs and sleek melodic guitar solos have come to the right place. Songs like the opening title track, Betrayer, The Wretchedness Inside and the closing three tracks (my favourite being Beauty In The Sorrow) have it all and then some. In fact, The Sin And The Sentence, has the best balance between melody, good hooks and extreme metal that I think I have heard from the band. There is also a nice variety of vocals from the usual snarling vocals and the under utilised powerful clean voice of Matt Heafy. The former is used well and not to the point where it gets extremely tedious, unlike Ascendancy and Ember To Inferno for example. That alone might upset fans, but why waste such a perfectly good singing voice. Especially in a time when heavy metal has so few great vocalists.

When it comes to albums like The Sin And The Sentence, you just have to give credit where it’s due. You don’t have to like the album to respect the effort the band have made and that effort is glaringly obvious. Personally, I would trim the record down by three songs or so and would have trimmed out a lot of unnecessary lightning fast drum fills from Alex Bent (they do get tedious). But with a few minor flaws, this is still a great album whether you like it or not.

Rating : 9 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. The Sin And The Sentence
  2. Beyond Oblivion
  3. Other Worlds
  4. The Heart From Your Hate
  5. Betrayer
  6. The Wretchedness Inside
  7. Endless Night
  8. Sever the Hand
  9. Beauty in the Sorrow
  10. The Revanchist
  11. Thrown into the Fire