Review: The Crusade

It has been ten years since Trivium fans turned into an army of cry babies with the release of their hugely successful album, The Crusade. An album that boasted a new sound and one that attracted a lot of negative attention.

Let’s face it, any serious metal head have heard the nasty comments in regards to this album. The Crusade was criticised for being a huge departure in style with more focus on tradition heavy metal thrash riffs and clean vocals. I can understand from a point why some fans might have been a little shocked at the first time they heard those speed metal riffs and Matt Heafy barking like James Hetfield in his prime. But there are still plenty of things to like about this album, even if it is quite inconsistent.

The quality in the guitar playing has definitely improved. There are plenty of fantastic guitar riffs, frantic guitar solos and hard hitting drum moments. Listen to the album title track and fantastic instrumental for an example. Some of these moments surpass the previous album whilst others feel like previous unreleased tracks, tracks that would have made better B-sides. I did enjoy the opening Ignition, a song that sounds very much like Ride The Lightning era Metallica. The band continued down that path for the excellent Detonation. A hot fast thrash metal song that really should please fans of that old school sound. other songs like the single Anthem (We Are The Fire) and The Rising are more tradition with the soaring vocals, mid tempo riffs and big chorus hooks. It is quite a contrast to the previous albums but they are good fun songs, even if a little silly.

Fans of Trivium’s first two albums will find plenty of heavier moments, but be warned that these songs are easily the weakest on The Crusade. The use of growling vocals is sparse and really sounded weak in comparison to Matt’s clean approach. These songs dotted through out the hour long album also make the record sound quite inconsistent in style and it really stops the band in their tracks.

The Crusade is a very well recorded album. it sounds lovely and has a great selection of heavy metal tunes of many different styles. Those with a broad palette in music will enjoy this album more than those who like the more “extreme” styles. The Crusade is a cheap record to pick up and I do recommend doing so. It is an easier listen than most of Trivium’s work, it just lacks the focus of Shogun or Ascendancy.

Rating : 8 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Ignition
  2. Detonation
  3. Entrance of the Conflagration
  4. Anthem (We Are the Fire)
  5. Unrepentant
  6. And Sadness Will Sear
  7. Becoming the Dragon
  8. To the Rats
  9. This World Can't Tear Us Apart
  10. Tread the Floods
  11. Contempt Breeds Contamination
  12. The Rising
  13. The Crusade