Review: The Thrill Of It All

At the point that Thunder had released The Thrill Of It All, it was clear that band were out of momentum. The album by comparison to the previous three was quite unmemorable and could have been the start of what would eventually lead to the band disbanding.

The Thrill Of It All is not a bad album, it would take some warped mind to say that this record is bad. Much like the previous releases, this is a professionally made and wonderful sounding record. The band themselves put on a good show and use the same amount of energy as their big hits. It is down to the fact that the song writing was simply not there.

There are some good songs on here, specifically¬†Welcome To The Party, Cosmetic Punk¬†and closing ballad You Can’t Live Your Life In A Day. But like the rest of the album, the song writing lacks any familiar chorus or great guitar hook. There are a few moments on the previously mentioned songs but they are otherwise non existent on the rest of the album.

To the bands credit, the music is consistent and is definitely worth picking up for Thunder fans. The music is easily enjoyable but the notable lack of hits is hard to ignore. It would be fair to say that there is a lot of filler material here, something that there was very little of on the previous three albums. I highly doubt that you’d remember more than a handful of tracks by the albums end.

Rating : 7 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Pilot of My Dreams
  2. Living For Today
  3. Love Worth Dying For
  4. Don't Wait Up For Me
  5. Something About You
  6. Welcome to the Party
  7. The Thrill of It All
  8. Hotter Than the Sun
  9. This Forgotten Town
  10. Cosmetic Punk
  11. You Can't Live Your Life in a Day