Review: Stage

It is no secret by now that I adore the band Thunder. They’re a group I grew up listening to and one that has stuck with me all these years. After a string of great albums and two excellent tours, it is a shame to say that they have released possibly their worst live album, Stage.

In the last few years we have seen a magnificent comeback. The group have released two excellent studio records, Wonder Days and Rip It Up. They have also put out an excellent live collection titled, All You Can Eat. Each album has solidified the bands reputation as a great rock group and one of the finest musical attractions out there.

My sole issue with this album comes from the final master of both the CD and DVD/Bluray copies. They are great in presentation and even feature an excellent performance. It is always great to hear a band confidently mix their old songs with the new, demonstrating to the rock world that they’re not a throw away nostalgia act. Unfortunately, when this performance is mastered so loud that it distorts the Hell out of each song, it does not make for a great listen.

When I say it distorts a lot, I do mean A LOT. With every high pitch guitar lick there is an over whelming amount of distortion in the left channel. I mean that literally. The left channel for Stage has become so badly distorted that it is literally impossible to enjoy any of the lead guitar work. It sounds absolutely disgusting and reminds me a lot of the post Brave New World Iron Maiden as they brick walled quite literally every release, the worst being their horrendous live album, Death On The Road which suffered the exact same fate as Stage. Considering my love for Luke Morley’s playing, it just painful to hear how he is treated here.

I’ll be honest and say that Stage is the first post reunion album of Thunder’s I do NOT recommend. Despite the great overall performance, the sound is hideous and is just not worth putting up with. Go pick up All You Can Eat or Live from 1998 instead. They are far better in terms of sound and over all quality.

Rating : 6 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. No One Gets Out Alive (CD 1)
  2. The Enemy Inside (CD 1)
  3. River of Pain (CD 1)
  4. Resurrection Day (CD 1)
  5. Right From the Start (CD 1)
  6. Backstreet Symphony (CD 1)
  7. Higher Ground (CD 1)
  8. In Another Life (CD 1)
  9. The Thing I Want (CD 2)
  10. Don't Wait For Me (CD 2)
  11. Rip It Up (CD 2)
  12. Love Walked In (CD 2)
  13. I Love You More Than Rock 'n' Roll (CD 2)
  14. Wonder Days (CD 2)
  15. She Likes Cocaine (CD 2)
  16. Dirty Love (CD 2)