Review: Giving The Game Away

If there is one album from Thunder’s back catalogue that I would describe as completely unforgettable, it would be Giving The Game Away from 1999.

Giving The Game Away is a fairly mellow approach from Thunder, one that doesn’t have much in the way of memorable songs. The band have favoured a more acoustic approach for this album. This leaves us with a lot of ballads that go nowhere and literally a few decent hard rock numbers.

The sound of the record is actually quite nice. They did a great job capturing the sound that they were going for with the acoustics having a nice raw, warm sound. Danny Bowes vocals are just as strong as ever, but without any great soaring vocal lines, the whole thing just sort of falls flat on its backside.

For a fifty minute record, the amount of memorable content available is so few and far between that I honestly couldn’t recommend it. There are no big anthems, so few blazing guitar solos and no memorable choruses. Just Another Suicide, ‘Till It Shines and Rolling The Dice are good rock songs. They’re about up to the standard of The Thrill of It All. Good enough to enjoy but not good enough to get repeated listens. Of all cover songs, the bands rendition of Play That Funky Music really isn’t all that bad. The boys sound like they’re having a lot of fun and it is a fun but unnecessary edition to the album. The album title track Giving The Game Away is a very Beatles-esque song which frankly is mediocre. If it wasn’t for the excellent lead guitar break at the end, this could easily have been one of Thunder’s worst songs.

If you’re planning on checking out Thunder’s music, put this one at the bottom of your list unless your tastes favour the more mellow side of rock n roll. This is far from the bands high point and was the last album before they called it quits (for the first time).


Rating : 6 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Just Another Suicide (You Wanna Know)
  2. All I Ever Wanted
  3. Giving the Game Away
  4. You'll Still Need a Friend
  5. Rolling the Dice
  6. Numb
  7. Play That Funk Music (cover)
  8. Till It Shines
  9. Time to Get Tough
  10. It's Another Day
  11. It Could Be Tonight