Review: Behind Closed Doors

Coming off of the excellent Laughing On Judgement Day album, Thunder returned three years later with the worthy successor Behind Closed Doors. An album that by no means breaks any new ground but achieves more of the same high quality hard rock music.

It is hard to argue that after all these years that the first three Thunder albums were easily the bands creative peak (At least until recent years). After all, the first two albums gave us hits like Dirty Love, She’s So Fine, Everybody Wants Her and Low Life In High Places. All quality songs from two really good albums and with their third album they give us tracks like River of Pain, Stand Up and Castles In The Sand. Songs that have aged extremely well, show the bands impressive song writing talents and are still as catchy then as they are now.

of course, Behind Closed Doors is not all about the hits. The deeper cuts are just as impressive for the most part. The heavy riff in the opening Moth To The Flame is quite hard to forget. Fly On The Wall is a superbly crafted number with the right guitar hooks and chorus. Till The River Runs Dry is a fantastic ballad of sorts, Future Train being quite underrated and that juicy heavy metal riffing in the slow groovy song Preaching From A Chair being to die for.

In terms of sound quality and style, Thunder came around at the right time. Whilst their first album Backstreet Symphony had all the right songs, the sound was clearly a product of its time with a bit too much reverb etc. Laughing on Judgement Day and Behind Closed Doors both have a professional clear sound that has aged wonderfully over the last twenty years. Despite moving up in the world, Thunder managed to retain the raw power and strength that most rock and metal bands lose within an album or two.

Some people might consider Behind Closed Doors as a little long and at an hour I can fully understand a complaint like that. As good as these songs are, I reckon shaving ten or fifteen minutes off the fifty seven minute running time would have improved the flow of the music considerably. But as it stands, Behind Closed Doors is a fantastic hard rock album that has aged well and is well worth a listen to those who desire such things in their music.

Rating : 9 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Moth to the Flame
  2. Fly on the Wall
  3. I'll Be Waiting
  4. River of Pain
  5. Future Train
  6. Til the River Runs Dry
  7. Stand Up
  8. Preaching from a Chair
  9. Castles in the Sand
  10. Too Scared to Live
  11. Ball and Chain
  12. It Happened in This Town