Review: Beloved Antichrist

It has been six years since the last Therion album came out. In that time frame, the band’s leader Christofer Johnsson recorded an epic triple CD opera. As epic as it sounds, I might be one of the few who simply did not get the new album, Beloved Antichrist.

Personally speaking, I have never found the connection with listening to Opera’s. I have always found the music to be a bit over whelming when it is not accompanied by the visual element of the performance. To see what the characters are emoting on the stage makes the music that much easier to connect with and listening to this three hour epic leaves me empty in very much the same manner.

Despite my disliking for the record, I did find a number of tunes through out the album to be entertaining, specifically the second disc which was more of what I was expecting. There is a nice collection of heavy riffs, some nice lead guitar dotted through out and some much needed tempo changes. However, there was a vast amount of it that I felt was a little hollow and empty compared to the band’s previous albums. There is a lot of potential through out the record but I felt a vast majority of the songs were either too similar in style or were a little too stripped back, leaving room for what could have been some tasty orchestral accompaniment or traditional metal guitar melodies.

Vocally the album is interesting as it features a group of superb operatic singers. Through out their record they sing with some beautiful power and tone. The constant shift between characters works really well and the moments where they sing together is my favourite. It is powerful, passionate and very impressive. When it comes down to personal tastes, I will admit that I found it a little overwhelming over time due to my dislike for opera music and knowing heavy metal fans, I think a lot of people might find the continuous operatic vocals to be a bit much.

I know that Beloved Antichrist is not an album that I would personally buy. It is a a bit much for my tastes but I can appreciate the love that was put into it. The performances are consistently good through out, the vocal performances are through the roof and the production values are superb. This is a great sounding record whether you like it or not. I predict Beloved Antichrist will split the fan base down the middle, some will love it and some won’t. I just happen to be a part of the latter.

Rating : 7 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Turn From Heaven
  2. Where Will You Go
  3. Through Dust, Through Rain
  4. Signs Are Here
  5. Never Again
  6. Bring Her Home
  7. The Solid Black Beyond
  8. The Crowning of Splendour
  9. Morning Has Broken
  10. Garden of Peace
  11. Our Destiny
  12. Anthem
  13. The Palace Ball
  14. Jewels FroM Afar
  15. Hail Caesar!
  16. What Is Wrong
  17. Nothing But My Name
  18. The Arrival of Apollonius
  19. Pledging Loyalty
  20. Night Reborn
  21. Dagger of God
  22. Temple of New Jerusalem
  23. The Lions Roar
  24. Bringing the Gospel
  25. Laudate Dominum
  26. Remaining Silent
  27. Behold Antichrist
  28. Cursed Be The Fallen
  29. Resurrection
  30. To Where I Weeep
  31. Astral Sophia
  32. Thy Will Be Done!
  33. Shoot Them Done
  34. Beneath the Starry Skies
  35. Forgive Me
  36. The Wasteland of My Heart
  37. Burning the Palace
  38. Prelude To War
  39. Day of Wrath
  40. Rise to War
  41. Time Has Come Final Battle
  42. My Voyage Carries On
  43. Striking Darkness
  44. Seeds of Time
  45. To Shine Forever
  46. Theme of Antichrist