Review: The Final Tour

After fifty years in the music industry, the legendary band The Shadows decided to call it a day with a retirement tour and a stunning two CD/DVD collection that for all it is, is a must have for fans of the band.

Sadly at the time, I couldn’t attend one of these retirement shows and I actually forgot that The Final Tour was actually released on CD. When I came across it in a deal with a hefty The Shadows box-set I didn’t hesitate to pick it up and I am very glad that I didn’t.

The Shadows’ music will never be known as the most complex in the world but it is very easy to make their music sound bad. Thankfully the band appear to have kept in top shape with some fantastic lead guitar by Hank Marvin, rhythm guitar from Bruce Welch, Brian Bennett on drums with Mark Griffiths and Cliff Hall on bass guitar and keyboards respectively. What the band play is a very easy going rock n roll set list that is a surprisingly easy listen considering it is nearly two and a half hours long. The Final Tour features forty two of the bands most well known songs from the solo Apache and FBI to the well known Cliff Richard singles Summer Holiday and Bachelor Boy.

The production for The Final Tour has been very nicely handled with each instrument getting the right amount of air time. Not once do any of the band members get drowned out and it is quite nice through a big set of speakers and headphones. I particularly loved the tone that is used by Hank Williams and it is great to hear it still a live and well after all these years.

For those interested, this package is most definitely worth it for the DVD alone. The video quality is about as nice as you’ll get from a 2008 DVD disc, the audio quality is just as clear and along with the double disc live album, it makes for a superb package. If you don’t have and are a fan of The Shadows, get it. If you love rock n roll in general, get it. The packaging isn’t the greatest but the contents is superb.

Rating : 9 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Apache (intro) (disc 1)
  2. Ghost Riders in the Sky (disc 1)
  3. The Frightened City (disc 1)
  4. Theme For Young Lovers (disc 1)
  5. Peace Pipe (disc 1)
  6. The Savage (disc 1)
  7. Let Me Be the One (disc 1)
  8. Stranger (disc 1)
  9. Kon-Tiki (disc 1)
  10. Going Home (disc 1)
  11. Dance On (disc 1)
  12. Nivram (disc 1)
  13. Lady of the Morning (disc 1)
  14. My Home Town (disc 1)
  15. Guitar Tango (disc 1)
  16. Geronimo (disc 1)
  17. Sleepwalk (disc 1)
  18. 36-24-36 (disc 1)
  19. Shazam (disc 1)
  20. Don't Cry For Me Argentina (disc 1)
  21. Equinox Parts (disc 1)
  22. Mountains of the Moon (disc 2)
  23. Shadoogie (disc 2)
  24. Gonzales (disc 2)
  25. Don't Make My Baby Blue (disc 2)
  26. Rise and Fall of Flingel Blunt (disc 2)
  27. Atlantis (disc 2)
  28. Shindig (disc 2)
  29. Man of Mystery (disc 2)
  30. Foot Tapper (disc 2)
  31. Please Don't Tease (disc 2)
  32. In the Country (disc 2)
  33. I Could Easily Fall (In Love With You) (disc 2)
  34. The Day I Met Marie (disc 2)
  35. Gee Whiz It's You (disc 2)
  36. Summer Holiday (disc 2)
  37. Bachelor Boy (disc 2)
  38. Little B (disc 2)
  39. Theme From Deer Hunter (Cavatina) (disc 2)
  40. Wonderful Land (disc 2)
  41. FBI (disc 2)
  42. Apache (disc 2)

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