Review: Beggars Banquet

Listening to the album Beggars Banquet makes me wish that I could of been alive to see the peak of The Rolling Stones. In comparison to their then previous material, this record takes it to a whole new level. The band recovered from the awful psychedelic pop fad and moves back to their grounded blues rock sound that made them famous.

The casual fan will know this record for the outstanding numbers Sympathy For The Devil and Street Fighting Man. Two unquestionable career highlights for the band and two songs that will never get old (well, unless you’re listening to a certain questionable Guns N’ Roses cover song). Most people will debate that the strength of an album is on the quality of its hits. Interestingly enough, Beggars Banquet is made stronger by the lesser known album cuts.

No Expectations for example is a beautiful laid back blues ballad. It has a fantastic stripped back sound and a very emotional vocal performance from Mick Jagger. It is also home to some great songs like the charming Parachute Woman, Prodigal Son and the heavy rock number, Stray Cat Blues. These songs are far more mature and consistent compared to anything that the band recorded previously.

In terms of sound, Beggars Banquet has suffered very little in terms of ageing. The music is gifted with a timeless sound that could of been from any generation of rock music with the exception of maybe Jigsaw Puzzle. I personally feel that this song is the only song on the record that demonstrates the sounds of the ’60s. Particularly the irritating use of a mellotron. The rest of the tracks either boast a nice timeless rock n roll riff or some beautiful acoustic and slide guitar.

Beggars Banquet is a selection of high quality songs that by all accounts, defines the term rock n roll. It is hands down one of the finest albums out there and it is crazy to think that somewhere, out there, someone has never heard the peak of The Rolling Stones’ career. A peak that would last through to 1972’s Exile On Main Street.

Rating : 10 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Sympathy For The Devil
  2. No Expectations
  3. Dear Doctor
  4. Parachute Woman
  5. Jigsaw Puzzle
  6. Street Fighting Man
  7. Prodigal Son
  8. Stray Cat Blues
  9. Factory Girl
  10. Salt of the Earth