Review: The Raz

The Raz are a new four piece band hailing from Columbia, SC. The band have released their self titled debut album through Rockshots Records and features a nice selection of riff heavy rock songs.

Black Garden kicks off the album and is generally under whelming. It delivers stock hard rock music with a solid rhythm and standard rock vocals. The follow up track should have been where this album starts. No One To Blame is a pretty groovy song that has a nice bass rhythm that would make a great platform for some guitar theatrics. It reminds me on some early Ted Nugent, a comparison some snow flakes will wince at but I dig it.

The rest of the album is a bit of a hit or miss in terms of quality. There is nothing particularly bad here, just some songs are more average than others. There are some highlights though, I liked the rocking Since I Lost You and the bluesy ballad 13 Years has a nice groove and some nice guitar theatrics. My Woman and Mystery have got good catchy riffs but share a bit of resemblance. This leads to No Surprise which plays the same trick one too many times and comes across less for it. The album ends on a slow heavy number called, What’s Real. Despite some really nice playing, the song really did nothing for me.

The only real major draw back this album has is the thin production. It takes a lot of impact out of the drums, neuters the bass and makes the guitar sound quite weak. I also found the vocals to be a little to coarse, perhaps a little reverb might just soften it up a bit. But the music is the important part and it really is pretty good. It is isn’t good enough to state that they’ll be the next big thing. But they have enough of a stable platform here to build and improve upon it for the second album.

Rating : 7 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Black Garden
  2. No One To Blame
  3. Different Coloured Leaves
  4. Since I Lost You
  5. 13 Years
  6. My Woman
  7. Mystery
  8. No Surprise
  9. What's Real