Review: One More For The Road

in 2017, the German hard rock band The New Roses came back into the fold with an energetic, sleazy hard rock album title, One More For The Road. An album with a familiar sound that will satisfy the average rock listener.

For those interested in that kind of hard rock kept a live by the more mainstream, The Darkness or even at some lengths, Airbourne will feel quite at home here. The bands sound is clearly inspired by that blues driven ’70s rock sound made famous by Bad Company, Faces and or Mick Taylor era Rolling Stones. But it’s also clear that the ’80s rock scene had influences here and they mix both styles and sound to make an enjoyable hard rock album.

My favourite songs from the album was the catchy second track, My Worst Enemy. This song would make a great single and I’m sure would have been a huge hit thirty to forty years ago. The other was the track, Live Ain’t Easy (For A Boy With Long Hair), a song that does not necessarily feature anything new, ground breaking or original but the subject matter is well written and is a very relatable song for anyone who grew up as that loner child into rock n roll music with long hair and band t-shirts. Most of us have been there and its a good song to represent that point in our lives. The rest of the album is more of the same and a good continuation of the bands previous album, Dead Man’s Voice.

Look, I won’t lie. One More For The Road does absolutely nothing new and has a sort of familiarity about it. I personally would have trimmed it down to a safe forty minutes in length. Keeping the album short and snappy has always benefited rock music, that is just my opinion. But that does not stop it from being a fun record and a good follow up to 2016’s Dead Man’s Voice.

Rating : 8 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Quarter To Twelve
  2. My Own Worst Enemy
  3. Forever Never Comes
  4. Dancing On A Razor Blade
  5. Consider Me Gone
  6. Life is Not Easy (For A Boy With Long Hair)
  7. Every Wild Heart
  8. Fight You Leaving Me
  9. The Same Moon
  10. Piece By Peace of Mind
  11. One More For The Road
  12. Do I Look Scared To you (bonus)
  13. The Storm (bonus)
  14. Nitro Nights (bonus)