Review: Anatomy of Loss

Anatomy of Loss is the debut album from the semi-sober Irish death metal band The Crawling. A promising band with an even more promising album.

After the release of their three track EP In Light of Dark Days, I have been looking forward to hearing this record. In terms of style and sound, this album is very much more of the same. There is a vast selection of death metal riffing, each one being as catchy as the other thanks to having more emphasis on the rhythm rather then following the idiotic trend of how fast and extreme they could play.

When the group aren’t thrashing out on their instruments, they are playing slow heavy chords that is best described as doom metal. These songs start off slow (a little too slow for my personal taste) and had they been a little longer, they would have been a little tedious. But The Crawling seem to have enough common sense to realise that each song requires a good hook and just when things slow down, they burst into life with some mean riff. Both styles play off one another perfectly and generally kept things from being predictable and samey.

The opening track An Immaculate Deception is one of the album highlights with my other favourite being All Our Failings. It was nice to see that The Right To Crawl and Catatonic from the previously released extended play made it to the full length release. Both songs are quite excellent but don’t take anything away from the newer tracks.

The production quality for the record is quite high with a nice clear professional recording. The instruments have a satisfying kick to them, the drums pack a punch and the band as a whole just sound great. With that said, I can’t help but feel that these guys would sound much better on a 12″ LP, but that is just down to personal taste. Anatomy of Loss is a fantastic sounding album, one with a great selection of songs and is a lot higher in quality than most of the other drivel I get to review.

Rating : 9 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. An Immaculate Deception
  2. Poison Orange
  3. Acid on my Skin
  4. All Our Failings
  5. The Right to Crawl
  6. Violence Vanity and Neglect
  7. Catatonic