Review: Intensities In 10 Cities

By the time 1981 came round, Ted Nugent album sales were not quite as high as they use to be with records like Scream Dream not capturing the energy and live thunder that the Motor City Madman provides at his live concerts. With that, his follow up was to be a selection of ten songs played live and never to be recorded in the studio. This is Intensities in 10 Cities.

Intensities in 10 Cities is one of those albums that Ted Nugent fans will have no shame in owning. Not only does it feature the mad mans energy by the bucket load but it features some quality guitar playing and solid performances from Cliff Davies, Dave Kiswiney and Charlie Huhn providing us, the listener with everything a good rock album needs. That is until you dig a little deeper.

Lets all face facts here, Ted Nugent was never as good a song writer as he was a player. Normally his excellent bluesy guitar playing can take your mind off his silly ramblings enough to enjoy a record but there are a few moments here where you can’t help but pause and wonder. Songs like Jailbait, My Love Is Like A Tire Iron and I Am A Predator are pretty terribly written which makes for a pretty noticeable distraction. The one thing that stops these songs from being a little creepy (especially by 2017’s overly liberal standards) is that they’re performed tongue firmly in cheek. So much so that even I had a good chuckle at some of the songs here.

Those who like to deeply study their music will without a doubt find a lot to cringe at and audiophiles might have a strong dislike for the production values, they really aren’t great. But I suggest that you don’t do focus on those downfalls and instead just enjoy the record for what it is. A balls to the wall, sweaty, overly energetic slab of rock n roll. Don’t go into it expecting anything else because that is exactly what it is.

Rating : 7 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Put Up or Shut Up
  2. Spontaneous Combustion
  3. My Love Is Like a Tire Iron
  4. Jailbait
  5. I Am a Predator
  6. Heads Will Roll
  7. The Flying Lip Lock
  8. Land of a Thousand Dances
  9. The TNT Overture
  10. I Take No Prisoners