Review: Angels & Demons

Holy amateur recordings, Batman! I think we have just stumbled on one of the most underwhelming dire recordings I have had in recent months. This is Angels & Demons from Sinicle.

Death metal can be a great sub-genre of heavy metal to listen to regardless of big budget production or whether they have good musicians or not. The problem is when you have neither, your final product sounds like an average punk record… utter shite.

Sinicle boasts a lot of death metal cliche’s on Angels & Demons, but they can’t play them. The rhythm is all wrong with the drummer going a hair off time on a regular basis and the guitarists sounding like a group of young teenagers who have only just started their first ever rehearsal. The vocals are so bad that they are impressive. There was barely a moment on this album when the singer sounded in key. To make matters worse, he just has no personality what so ever.

The only redeeming quality this record has is the single, Rabbit Hole. This song is a gem in a big steamy turd. This is the only moment where the band’s sound works. Every instrument plays on time, sounds solid and the vocals actually work with the music. It seems to me that this song was the only one of the eleven that Sinicle actually rehearsed before going into the studio.

At the end of the day, there are no reasons to even check out this album. It has no potential, nothing of the sort. It is just another amateur recording that will be forgotten in no time. I can imagine the only people telling the band that these songs are good is their mothers and the typical tag along girlfriends who get wet at the sight of a musician on stage. They certainly aren’t with them for their natural talent, that much is sure.

Rating : 2 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Deer Xing
  2. Damnation
  3. Death Coast
  4. Angels & Demons
  5. Miller Time
  6. Rabbit Hole
  7. Baltimore
  8. Esoteric
  9. Broken Silence
  10. Free Like Me
  11. Operations Activate