Review: Shurpu

Shurpu is the debut album from the Colorado based black metal band Sar Isatum. Equipped with everything entertaining in their genre, the band put out a consistently good debut album with only a few flaws.

Sar Isatum is clearly not a band looking to break new ground for black metal. The group’s debut album Shurpu goes by the book and does it very faithfully, so much so that this record is no more than more of the same. We have heard it all before, but unlike the usual stock black metal bands, the band have a good sense of rhythm and have remembered to implement some good hooks in the music.

Naturally the main goal of the record is to implement as much blast beats, growls and thrashing guitar riffs as possible into a short space of time. For the most part, it does sound good. It does become a little bit repetitive due to a lack of variety but it never falls short of entertaining. There is a couple of melodic moments here and there, not enough to bring the album up a notch unfortunately. But what is there is quite solid and rather enjoyable.

The production for Shurpu is good enough I suppose. Each instrument is clear as day and have the right sound for the black metal genre. The final mix however did leave the record with a lot of distortion and popping. To say this was a bit of a buzz kill for this otherwise enjoyable record is an understatement.

As a product, Shurpu is not bad at all. The band have the chops to put out a good black metal album and I will be watching to see if they have the skill to improve on what is a very solid starting point.

Rating : 8 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Sar Isatum
  2. Chenoo
  3. Black Gate
  4. Gormandizer
  5. Celestial Diaspora
  6. Vanaspati
  7. Halls of Pestilence