Review: Ruins

I can’t seem to make up my mind on this album, it is such an unusual mix that I have been listening to it all day to get my head round it and I still can not do it. Rusty Pacemaker is a solo project, a one man band if you will and Ruins is his interesting new album.

Ruins is an unusual album in that there are two obvious sounds clashing pretty hard through out the album and it can either make or break this album for people. I honestly could not blame them either. Personally speaking I really enjoyed Ruins, it has a lot of great songs on it and more than enough examples that Rusty Pacemaker can handle all instrument duties with exception of the drumming which was handled (very nicely) by Franz Löchinger. The production is also top quality and has more than enough oomph to give the music that desired kick. This is most notable on the more metal orientated songs. There is a fair amount of heavy guitars, bleak tones and loud noises. But for every metal song there is a sombre ballad and some lovely vocals from Lady K that really takes the album in a completely different direction.

The big issue with this album is the vocals. They are handled by Rusty Pacemaker himself and it is an interesting vocal style to say the least. I thought it was quite unique and fascinating but I can not help but wonder if some of the songs would of sounded better with an actual front man/woman. This is not saying that Pacemaker’s vocals are bad, if you are into ’80s goth rock then you will dig the melancholy in the flat low bass tone. It reminded me at times of a higher pitch Peter Steele or even Andrew Eldritch from Sisters of Mercy. It is clear that Rusty Pacemaker has a wider vocal range but most of the songs take on the same depressing tone. It can be unnerving and a little haunting in places. But as I said, some people might enjoy it, others might dislike it and for the most part I’m in favour of his voice.

It would be hard to recommend this album to someone for the fact that it really has a striking contrast between songs and so on. But this is a very solid album that I thoroughly enjoyed. I would at least recommend trying it out to see what you think, it is an acquired taste without a doubt.

Rating : 8 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Ruins
  2. Made of Lies
  3. Ocean of Life
  4. The Game
  5. Night Angel
  6. Candlemess
  7. Forever
  8. Matter Over Mind
  9. Knowing
  10. Pillow of Silence

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