Review: Feedback

When people talk about Rush, they like to mention the lengthy epic tracks or the magnificent drum and guitar solos, but no one ever mentions the fact that the Canadian threesome are responsible for one of rock and rolls best covers albums, Feedback.

Released all the way back in 2004, Feedback was recorded and released in order to celebrate the bands debut album. The album is a short eight track record that features some song choices that might surprise even the most die hard Rush fan.

On the album you will find well known songs like Summertime Blues, The Seeker and Crossroads. You’ll also find more obscure choices like Neil Young’s Mr. Soul and Seven And Seven Is by Arthur Lee’s Love. It is an odd choice of songs but that is what makes the record so much fun. Each number is performed with the professionalism you’d expect from Rush with a little bit of extra love thrown in for good measure. The musicĀ is very nicely produced with each instrument having that trademarkĀ Rush sound. The band do what they do best, even if it is a little simple by their standards.

Feedback is only twenty seven minutes long and is essentially a glorified extended play. But the fact the album is so short does not take anything from the music itself. Had the album been ten minutes longer, it might have felt like it was a little bit much. With that, Rush have provided us with an unusual little album for fans only. It sounds great, has a wonderful album cover and is well worth having for collectors of rock, not just Rush.

Rating : 9 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Summertime Blues
  2. Heart Full of Soul
  3. For What It's Worth
  4. The Seeker
  5. Mr. Soul
  6. Seven and Seven Is
  7. Shapes of Things
  8. Crossroads

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