Review: RES9

RES9 is the new solo album from the former Triumph guitarist Rik Emmett. This a solid and very charming hard rock album that went under the radar for most people but deserves a look.

Considering┬áthe fact that Rik Emmett’s solo work has never been similar to that of his former band, some Triumph fans might be put off by the shift in music. The guitarist has opted for a charming bluesy rock sound and plays it off perfectly. Check out the opening track, Stand Still and if you like that hard rock number, you will generally like the rest of the album.

The stand out tracks for me personally were The Ghost of Shadow Town, When You Were My Baby and End of the Line, a song which features Alex Lifeson of Rush and James LaBrie of Dream Theater. Fans of Triumph will be happy to know that there is a sort of reunion at the end of the album on the song, Grand Parade. This is a slow bluesy ballad that features Gil Moore and Mike Levine.

The production is a little too loud for my personal cup of tea. For this kind of music, I prefer a warmer, more raw sound but what has been done has been done with much love. Throughout the record you will hear some excellent guitar playing and quality rhythm playing from the entire band. The sound is not exactly what you would call ground breaking but it has been superbly crafted and the end result is what will no doubt be another under appreciated rock album.

The chances of seeing this album going cheap is highly unlikely so I would definitely encourage a purchase from fans of Emmett’s solo work or even Triumph’s more laid back material. There have been a lot of great releases in 2016 and in my honest opinion, this stands up there with the best of them.

Rating : 8 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Stand Still
  2. Human Race (ft. Alex Lifeson)
  3. I Sing (ft. James LaBrie)
  4. My Cathedral
  5. The Ghost of Shadow Town
  6. When You Were My Baby
  7. Sweet Tooth
  8. Heads Up
  9. Rest of My Life
  10. End of the Line (ft. Alex Lifeson and James LaBrie)
  11. Grand Parade (ft. Gil Moore and Mike Levine)