Review: War

Rig Time! is a band I know very little about and they are equipped with a metal style that I absolutely despise. To my surprise, their album is a solid piece of work that does the nu-metal sub-genre justice.

This band has a heavy nu-metal sound that by all means is dated but sounds rather good. Implementing the heavy nu-metal sound is something is not replicated well very often. A lot of bands forget that the music needs to be good and it isn’t solely about replicating that well known sludgy guitar sound. I reckon Rig Time! have done a really good job of putting together some solid riffs and rhythms to make their music quite enjoyable, despite the lack of any real originality.

There is also the fact that the running time of War is quite short. It is only twenty six minutes long but despite that being quite underwhelming, I actually think it worked in the bands favour. You see, their songs were enjoyable enough but had they had another ten/fifteen minutes of music, it probably have become tiresome, repetitive and would have put a big downer on the overall product. But the fact they kept it short and to the point makes a big difference, well done.

Like most bands of the genre, lyrically there is nothing interesting here. Some of the words are actually extremely immature and eye rolling. This is not helped by the growling vocalist, who for a lack better words, is easily the worst part of the album.

With that aside, I don’t like nu-metal but even I enjoyed this record. It did what it wanted to do and did it in the perfect low key ‘less is more’ manner. Fans of this kind of music will eat this up, that is without any doubts.

Rating : 8 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. War
  2. Garbage
  3. Succumb
  4. Three Fools
  5. Deserve
  6. Restricted
  7. Blister
  8. Discomposure
  9. Cleanse
  10. Vengeance