Review: Chaos of Forms

Following on from their second album Existence Is Futile, in which the band were a stone’s throw away from being crowned the next big thing, Revocation return with their third album Chaos of Forms.

If there was to be a hint of commercialism going on then the message clearly got lost en route to the recording studio.  The album has an overriding New York hardcore punk vibe which is dressed up as death metal and it is unwavering in it’s delivery.  Not exactly radio material unless you are John Peel.

Then add Revocation’s enthusiasm to experiment.  The guitar solo on “Harlot” which sounds as if it was lifted straight off of Chris Poland’s Return to Metalopolis, seamlessly coming into existence with the same level of competence as the level of audacity to just simply place it in the song in the first place.  “Dissolution Ritual” lacks the same guile and basically slams dead for a jazz infuse interlude of a guitar solo.

“Conjuring the Cataclysm” then adds to the musical schizophrenia by kicking proceedings off with a metal overdriven blues guitar solo before moving into a later days Death movement and then changing again to something akin to In Flames meets black metal, before stopping a brief acoustic back drop and matching solo and returning to the Death sounding movement.  All in under two minutes and thirty seconds of music.  And for total mind-blowing verbatim, how about those horns and organs in the flourishing end of “The Watchers”?

Revocation’s is an statement of heavy metal diversity if ever there was one.  They marry an never ending medley of musical styles into a core base rooted firmly in death metal and thrash metal.  It is an utterly brilliant cacophonous assault of music.


Rating : 7 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Cretin
  2. Cradle Robber
  3. Harlot
  4. Dissolution Ritual
  5. Conjuring the Cataclysm
  6. No Funeral
  7. Fractal Entity
  8. Chaos of Forms
  9. The Watchers
  10. Beloved Horrifier
  11. Dethroned
  12. Reprogrammed