Review: Queen Rock Montreal

Queen Rock Montreal is a double disc live album released in 2007 as the soundtrack to the We Will Rock You concert film. Unlike that movie, this is a full concert from Montreal 1981 and a great example of Queen at their creative peak.

Most people these days who claim to be a Queen fan will instantly tell you that Live At Wembley was the best performance that this four piece band ever released. You can’t deny that it was a great performance but what that album lacks is good sound and the endless supply of energy that the band had not more than five years before hand.

Queen Rock Montreal is a very fast paced brutal approach to the bands then greatest hits collection. You get an extremely fast heavy metal rendition of We Will Rock You, a brutal Sheer Heart Attack and a frantic version of Tie Your Mother Down. To contrast these blistering fast moments you have the likes of the funky Another One Bites The Dust, the ’50s rocker Crazy Little Thing Called Love and a smashing rendition of Somebody to Love. Naturally, this album also comes with Bohemian Rhapsody and the one two combo of We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions that round off the set.

In total, this is a blistering heavy set from Queen and I’m not sure it would appeal to those of only want Queen’s Greatest Hits. This is not the pop rock group that these people remember but more like the heavy but flamboyant group from their ’70s heyday. I enjoyed the mix of Freddie, Roger and Brian’s vocals, it gave a nice bit of variety between songs and it is nice to hear each band member perform the backing vocals without any help from a backing track, a bit of a rarity these days. The album could have been paced better without the drum/tympani and guitar solo spots as well as the super sloppy Jailhouse Rock. But the rest of the record is very solid and definitely worth owning for a long time Queen fan.

In terms of sound, well this one is very nicely produced and has maintained both the big arena atmosphere and the raw power from the bands instruments. Cranking this record to high volume is extremely satisfying and sits toe to toe with Queen’s best live albums. If you get the chance to pick up this now overly expensive live album, I suggest you do so. There is very little to regret.

Rating : 8 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Intro (cd1)
  2. We Will Rock You [fast] (cd1)
  3. Let Me Entertain You (cd1)
  4. Play the Game (cd1)
  5. Somebody To Love (cd1)
  6. Killer Queen (cd1)
  7. I'm in Love with My Car (cd1)
  8. Get Down, Make Love (cd1)
  9. Save Me (cd1)
  10. Now I'm Here (cd1)
  11. Dragon Attack (cd1)
  12. Now I'm Here (reprise) (cd1)
  13. Love of My Life (cd1)
  14. Under Pressure (cd2)
  15. Keep Yourself Alive (cd2)
  16. Drum and Tympani Solo (cd2)
  17. Guitar Solo (cd2)
  18. Flash (cd2)
  19. The Hero (cd2)
  20. Crazy Little Thing Called Loved (cd2)
  21. Jailhouse Rock (cd2)
  22. Bohemian Rhapsody (cd2)
  23. Tie Your Mother Down (cd2)
  24. Another One Bites the Dust (cd2)
  25. Sheer Heart Attack (cd2)
  26. We Will Rock You (cd2)
  27. We Are the Champion (cd2)
  28. God Save the Queen (cd2)