Review: HitnRun Phase Two

After two garbage hip hop albums, it is nice to know that Prince remembered how to make a genuinely fun funk rock album before his unexpected death. HitnRun Phase Two is a really well made group of songs that has one pretty noticeable fault.

Those of you who didn’t enjoy those throwaway albums before this one, prepare to be pleasantly surprised when you hear Prince break out his guitar on the cracking pop song Baltimore that opens HitnRun Phase Two. The song is very charming, up lifting and is a sign of things to come. This album features a heavy funk influence, the Purple One mixes up this style with a bit of rock, some pop and even some jazz. The variety keeps the music alive and stops it from becoming forced and tiresome.

I personally enjoyed Rocknroll Loveaffair, Xtralovable and Black Muse but Prince fans all have different tastes, all of which are represented here with a lot of passion and energy. Unfortunately the album fails extremely hard because of the production side of things. HitnRun Phase Two has been completely flattened dynamically with absolutely no audible range at all from the instruments. Because of this I would highly recommend avoiding headphones or MP3 players when listening to this record, it just sounds awful.

I find it amazing that Prince was keeping this album in his vaults and decided to release HitnRun Phase One and Art Official Age instead. Who was he aiming to impress with that lifeless rubbish? Had this album followed up Plectrumelectrum, Prince would have been on a two album role. I am just thankful that he had the sense to release this album before he died. The thought of HitnRun Phase One being his last is just disgusting.

Rating : 8 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Baltimore
  2. RocknRoll Love Affair
  3. 2.Y.2.D.
  4. Look at Me, Look at U
  5. Stare
  6. Xtraloveable
  7. Groovy Potential
  8. When She Comes
  9. Screwdriver
  10. Black Muse
  11. Revelation
  12. Big City

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