Review: Soul Pretender

Of all the records I have reviewed in 2017, I have been familiar with the bands that produced them, especially the ones that feature well known big name artists. That’s when I picked up Soul Pretender by Primitive Race and was shocked to see the impressive line up involved on this charming, dark record.

Soul Pretender is a thirty eight minute goth rock album featuring a band of musicians brought together by Chris Kniker and features members of Skinny Puppy (Dave Ogilvie), The Mission (Mark Gemini Thwaite), Melvins (Dave Crover) and even Faith No More (Chuck Mosley R.I.P.). It is an interesting line up of musicians and the music they produce is just as equally fascinating.

The musical style on Soul Pretender features a noticeable but light industrial element. It also has a noticeable dark goth rock sound mixed in and together it produces a strange, euphoric but highly entertaining sound. The melodies are dark but soothing, the rhythm section holds a solid beat and even though the vocals are not quite what I’d call traditional singing, the low pitch murmur of the late Chuck Mosley really helps bring out the atmosphere in the music.

The music of Primitive Race is by no means my cup of tea, but I most definitely recognise the technical skill put into this music. Despite it’s sombre tone, I found the music quite easy to listen to due to its perfect pacing and smooth production. I personally wouldn’t know who to recommend this to but there is definitely a lot of quality music here and if this sounds interesting to you, by all means go check it out.

Rating : 8 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Row House
  2. Cry Out
  3. Cranial
  4. Take It All
  5. Bed Six
  6. Stepping
  7. Turn It Up
  8. Soul Pre
  9. Nothing
  10. Dancing