Review: Rulebreaker

As a long time fan of Primal Fear, even I am impressed with this new disc Rulebreaker. Who knew after all these years that these guys could still churn out impressive heavy metal albums one after the other without any sign of fail.

Rulebreaker is without a doubt one of the best heavy metal albums of the year. I know it is only January but considering the extremely high quality on this record, it is safe to say that the band have went one step ahead of everyone else and taken it to the next level. The strange thing about Rulebreaker is that from a technical stand point there is nothing particularly new here. The band have covered this ground before but this time it has more energy, more power and so much passion that even playing a cover of a Justin Bieber would sound quite amazing.

When a band puts so much feeling into their music it does not matter about how original the music or lyrics is. This stuff is consistent and just so perfectly presented that I honestly couldn’t say a bad word about it. Musically speaking this has to be the best the band have sounded. The drums and bass play their usual thunderous rhythms underneath some impressive guitar licks and riffs. Through out their career Primal Fear have ever so slightly changed their style for each album but this is possibly the first time that each style has emerged on the same record. Whether it is the power ballad, the speed metal number or the intense mid tempo rocker, they are all here and accounted for.

Ralf Scheepers will one day get the respect he deserves as one of the greatest frontmen in heavy metal. At this point in the genres history I do not think there has ever been a singer in heavy metal who’s voice has continued to be as strong and maintained its impressive range after so many years. Say what you want about Bruce Dickinson or Rob Halford, but those guys were showing wear and tear by the time the ’90s came around. Scheepers on the other hand has been singing for longer than I can remember and still sounds fresh and energetic. He really should be an inspiration to singers across the world.

There is not much else to say really. You can pick any song off of this album and you’d end up with a winner. I usually find a negative in an album no matter how good. But the band are great, their singer sounds incredible and even the production is spot on. I have to accept defeat and say that Rulebreaker is my idea of a perfect album. Previous releases like 16.6 (Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead), New Religion and Delivering The Black were pretty damn close, but this one just hits the ball clear out of the park. Well done guys, I am impressed.

Rating : 10 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Angels of Mercy
  2. The End is Near
  3. Bullets & Tears
  4. Rulebreaker
  5. In Metal We Trust
  6. We Walk Without Fear
  7. At War With The World
  8. The Devil In Me
  9. Constant Heart
  10. The Sky Is Burning
  11. Raving Mad