Review: The Deviant Hearts

Symphonic metal is a tricky genre of music to pull off perfectly and it shows on albums like The Deviant Hearts by Phantasma.

Before the band’s fans start sending hate mail, I enjoyed The Deviant Hearts. I think it is a charming album with some great moments but more then a few issues to bring it down.  First off, there is a lot of great talent in this band and the album as a whole just oozes professionalism. Charlotte Wessels is a singer I am already a fan of and she in particular comes across very strong on The Deviant Hearts.

The Deviant Hearts is about as typical as you can get in the Symphonic Metal genre. It has the same bombastic band sound and over use of keyboards that plague a lot of bands. Thankfully they pull it off quite well due to the excellent production job. The record sounds fantastic and clear which really benefits this kind of music. It could be so easy to get the backing instruments muddled in the background somewhere. You only need to hear Endless Forms Most Beautiful by Nightwish as an example. Sadly the lack of originality is also the band’s biggest flaw. I could toss this into a pile of thirty bands and it would not stand out from a single one. Considering the talent involved, it is a bloody shame that they could not of came up with something a little more unique.

With that aside, there are plenty of great songs on the album. Enter Dreamscape, Miserable Me and the closing numbers, Novaturient and Let It Die were my favourites on the album. They had a good mix between melody and well implemented heavy metal riffing. The momentum of The Deviant Hearts gets disrupted one too many times by some sickly ballads. These songs are easily the weakest on the albums and I admit they do get a little tedious. Had the band trimmed the hour long album length to an easy forty minutes, I think they could of had a better album on their hands.

Anyway, I do not want to finish this on a negative. As I said before I did thoroughly enjoy this album. However at DemonsZone we do like to be honest and honest is what this review is. Symphonic Metal fans are going to scoff this album up. It might be more of the same but depending on your tastes in music, that is either a bad thing or exactly what you want. If you enjoy some Epica, Within Temptation and so on, check the album out and make your own mind up. I would not hesitate re-visiting this album and I personally feel that this albums status is going to be down to personal preference.

Rating : 7 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Incomplete
  2. The Deviant Hearts
  3. Runaway Gray
  4. Try
  5. Enter Dreamscape
  6. Miserable Me
  7. The Lotus and the Willow
  8. Crimson Course
  9. Carry Me Home
  10. The Sound of Fear
  11. Novaturient
  12. Let It Die