Review: The Ultimate Sin

The Ultimate Sin, is the 1986 album from the former Black Sabbath front man and successful solo artist, Ozzy Osbourne. The band were equipped with nine new songs, all of which continue in the same vein as the previous album, Bark at the Moon. Only this time, the band opted for a more slick commercial production style.

It seems over thirty years after this album, fans can’t decide on whether they like this album or not. It is highly regarded as the softest of all the Ozzy Osbourne albums due to the fairly glam metal single, Shot in the Dark. Apparently the bass line of this song is the closest Ozzy ever got to going disco, whatever that means. The track is a solid, very catchy track that I have no shame in enjoying. But much like bands like Dokken, Bon Jovi and Motley Crue, there is a lot of good riffs and lead guitar licks driven by a rock solid beat that will draw in the attention of metal heads across the globe.

The Ultimate Sin, is definitely not one of Osbourne‘s best albums but I really enjoyed the ’80s style found on title track, Never Know Why and Never. I do think the typical ’80s production doesn’t help matters but the real problem is the simple fact that the lyrics are quite bad. They are simple, very cheesy and features nothing of substance. It is a shame because musically there is a lot on offer, just don’t look too deep into it. The worst offender is without a doubt, Lightning Strikes. This song has a god awful chorus that you’d expect from bands like Tigertailz or Nitro. The only saving grace is Jake E Lee‘s typical ’80s guitar soloing.

Truth be told, The Ultimate Sin, is by no means a bad album. It isn’t without its flaws but you could certainly hear considerably worse music from 1986. Had this record ditched Lightning Strikes and went with a heavy production, I reckon fans would have taken to this record better. But as it is, it is a product of its time and a very fun one at that.

Rating : 7 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. The Ultimate Sin
  2. Secret Loser
  3. Never Know Why
  4. Thank God For the Bomb
  5. Never
  6. Lightning Strikes
  7. Killer of Giants
  8. Fool Like You
  9. Shot in the Dark