Review: Creatura

When I was sent a copy of Creatura, I was also given a message that the music might be a little too weird, even for my taste. Well, you weren’t too far off there.

Creatura is a dark brooding album that has a thick industrial sound. Each song packs a rhythmic beat and features layers of heavily distorted electric instruments. The strange moody melodies and heavy duty sounds come together in an almost gothic nature. The more intense numbers have reached into the darker side of death and black metal genre. I wouldn’t say they go all the way but you can notice the subtle style changes here and there.

Despite the excessive use of distortion and other effects, Creatura has been very well produced and actually sounds quite nice all things considered. Not once does any of the harsher instruments become too much, nor does the drums. Everything just sort of slides into place creating an enjoyable wall of noise. You will find a lot of vocals on the record but they’re quite low in the mix. They generally have a typical extreme metal style, just a little more subtle.

For some people, relaxing is a bit too far fetched of a description and I can perfectly understand why. The song style will be extremely hard to get into for some, so I wouldn’t recommend it for casual listeners. But if you’re looking for intense back ground music, it’s not a bad place to look. I personally wouldn’t listen to it on its own but with a visual element, I think this kind of music has a lot of potential.

Rating : 7 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Satanam
  2. Eternal Freak
  3. Creatura
  4. Matriarcale
  5. Zombie Stomp
  6. Bruco Nero
  7. Buco Bianco
  8. Immondo
  9. Freakout
  10. Bell's Hells
  11. March of the Freak