Review: Ironbound

Ironbound is the fifteenth studio album from the American thrash metal band Overkill. It is the starting point of the bands second wind and shows how good the band can be when everything is going in their favour.

On the albums that came before IronboundOverkill were starting to sound a bit slow and sluggish. Their “groove” metal years have not aged too well and certainly does not show what this band can do when they pull out all the stops. On this album however, they throw everything against the wall and for the most part, it sticks.

Overkill return to their thrash metal roots on Ironbound and it is easily the beast they have sounded since the early ’90s. The band sound extremely fresh and the line up as a whole sounds extremely tight. There are a lot of great hooks through out the album that will please fans of the thrash metal genre. I’m a big fan of the second and third tracks, Ironbound and Bring Me the Night. There are many moments where the guitars sound excellent and there are some really fine lead moments, like in the song, The Head and Heart.

The album sounds just as professional as the previous album, Immortalis. The sound is quite thick and powerful, the kind of sound a band like this should have. The guitars sound satisfying and heavy with a suitably piercing lead guitar tone putting the icing on the cake. The bass guitar has a nice metallic tone that sits beauty between the two guitars and the drums just sound thunderous. Just check out the opening for In Vain and you’ll see what I mean.

Ironbound is a great album for Overkill. It is the start of their three killer albums streak. You sit this record right next to The Electric Age and White Devil Armory and really wouldn’t need any other album from this band. This record is exactly what Overkill does best and sits high on the recommendations list for fans of thrash metal.

Rating : 9 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. The Green and Black
  2. Ironbound
  3. Bring Me The Night
  4. The Goal Is Your Soul
  5. Give a Little
  6. Endless War
  7. The Head and Heart
  8. In Vain
  9. Killing For a Living
  10. The SRC