Review: Moving Ahead

Overhung is a band clearly trying to duplicate the sound that was prominent in the 1980s hard rock and heavy metal scene. Unfortunately for the band, not only do their songs come up short. Their playing is just not up to the same standard.

The thing a lot of musicians forget is that despite how cheesy and tacky a lot of ’80s metal was, those playing the music were quality musicians. So when you get a group of average musicians trying to mimic their long gone heroes, it is just not going to work. Moving Ahead certainly has some decent riffs on offer but there is a major lack of quality drumming, excitable guitar solos and even a singer that can deliver.

Talking of the singer, this bloke is easily the thing I hated the most about this record. The guy can clearly sing to a certain degree but he lacks the finesse and over all skill that makes a great front man. There is no power behind his voice and it really does become annoying hearing him struggle after a while.

The album production is another sore point. It is extremely raw in the bad low budget kind of way. There is no power or impact in the music and it is clear that the musicians are struggling to keep up with one another. The rhythm playing is very wobbly throughout, the poor production makes this extremely noticeable. Also, the record is just under an hour long. This music would be more tolerable at the thirty five minute mark. No one wants to sit through such under cooked nonsense for an hour!

Overhung are clearly an average pub band that decided to record an album. The results were poor and can be summed up by the lyrics in one of their very own songs. To quote the albums ballad, Waste: “It’s such a waste of life!” For what its worth guys, the only way is up.

Rating : 5 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Sex Machine
  2. Insane
  3. Waiting
  4. I Don't Believe Her
  5. Through the Slime
  6. Waste
  7. I Am I
  8. Must Drink
  9. Casual Bitch
  10. You Think You're Soo Cool