Review: Sermon to the Snake

Formed in 2017 and released through Horror Pain Gore Death Productions, Sermon to the Snake is the debut EP from the Indiana based band Obscene.

Being seventeen minutes long, it shouldn’t be too hard to come up with enough material to warrant a good time. Unfortunately this was not the case for Obscene. This band has put together four fairly unoriginal, very boring songs that have absolutely no flow or quality to them. The record sounds like a jumbled mess of ideas and does the band no favours.

Talking of doing the band no favours, the production of this record is horrible. The band have paid for an extremely muddy sound that makes their EP even more unlistenable. When cranked up the dynamics felt very limited and very strained. The result is a record that sounds absolutely awful, drowns out a lot of the lower end instruments and makes it extremely uncomfortable to listen to.

If Sermon to the Snake is to be considered a demo recording, then I would let the band off with the sound quality. But if this is suppose to be a properly released product then I highly suggest you stay away from this album. There is very little signs of quality on this record and I do hope the band rethink things before they put out their first full length album.

Rating : 3 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Body of Tears
  2. Shadow Burial
  3. Torture Tranquility
  4. Blood Moon Rats