Review: Scintilla

Nosound return in September 2016 with their fifth studio album Scintilla. It ends three years of since the release of 2013’s Afterthoughts. The album is rounded off with guest appearances by Anathema singer Vincent Cavannagh and Italian singer Andrea Chimenti. Cellist Marianne De Chastelaine returns once again for the new album.

Scintilla contains the hallmarks for which Nosound are known for; dream-laden audio landscapes with a mixture of fine rock and melancholy as demonstrated by Emily. It is also one of the few songs which highlight the contribution of Marianne De Chastelaine and impact her instrument and playing has on the atmospherics.

The music in general sounds effortless and works through passages with little to no effort. As if Giancarlo Erra is the vessel by which the music passes into existence. In Celebration of Life and The Perfect Wife, featuring Anathema‘s Vincent Cavannagh, touch more onto the band’s Pink Floyd influence. It strikes a little close to the source material but are both superbly performed with Cavannagh contributing a thoughtful and excellent display.

The first half of the album is perhaps the weakest portion of the album. Last Lunch, a good song in its own right, robs the album of its well-roundedness. Its unforced delivery and length sitting like the cruise liner amongst the yachts, with leading single Short Story and Little Man being much shorter. Its a small but noticeable oversight given the rest of the album seems well adjusted to an effortless delivery and seems peculiarly out of place and not at the same time.

Scintilla is a fine album with some excellent and complimentary guest singing appearances, with In Celebration of Life being the stand out of three main songs. With Sogno e Incendio, the sole Italian worded song on the album, being a very close second. Fans of the ambient and progressive rock, which is easy to listen to will find much to enjoy from Nosound as finer examples of this type of rock.

Rating : 9 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Short Story
  2. Last Lunch
  3. Little Man
  4. In Celebration of Life (w/Vincent Cavannagh)
  5. Sogno e Incendio (w/Andrea Chimenti)
  6. Emily
  7. The Perfect Wife (w/Vincent Cavannagh)
  8. Love is Forever
  9. Evil Smile
  10. Scintilla