Review: Slime And Punishment

Slime And Punishment is an album equipped with a very old school sound. Everything sounds raw, everything is fast and furious with the vocals sounding mean and down right nasty. Through out the thirty minute long album you can hear influences from many of the thrash greats. There’s a little bit of Slayer in there, the vicious punch of Exodus and that undeniable catchiness that you find in Anthrax’s early albums. It isn’t the most imaginative thing out there but you can sure as hell call it a lot of fun.

It seems (from my point of view at least) that Municipal Waste are clever enough to avoid trying to make their music sound complex. The beats are all pretty straight forward, so are the riffs that are layered on top of them. Sonically it sounds great and being such a short album, it won’t get tiresome. Though these days people expect seventy minutes per CD, realistically it is too long and will drag on no matter if the music is good or not. Being thirty minutes long. Slime And Punishment does what it needs to do without screwing around with extended solo, multiple time signatures or tempo changes. Sometimes thrash metal just sounds better when it is simple, short and straight forward. It is a style that has made Destruction, Overkill and other thrash veterans popular with metal heads for years and it works like a charm here.

Slime And Punishment may not be anything new or original but it does what it says on the tin and it does it very well. Fans of old school thrash metal with enjoy the hell out of the album, I know I did.

Rating : 8 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Breathe Grease
  2. Enjoy the Night
  3. Dingy Situations
  4. Shrednecks
  5. Poison the Preacher
  6. Bourbon Discipline
  7. Parole Violators
  8. Slime and Punishment
  9. Amateur Sketch
  10. Excessive Celebration
  11. Low Tolerance
  12. Under the Waste Command
  13. Death Proof
  14. Think Fast

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