Review: Obsessed With Death

I know it is easy to say that death metal is just noise and takes no skill whatsoever. Well, an album like Obsessed With Death just proves that kind of ignorant statement wrong.

You see, this album has one fundamental problem. It isn’t the production, mixing (which is pretty bad), nor is it the song writing, but rather the bands performance as a whole. Throughout this album you will hear stock death metal riffs, stereotypical growling vocals and some of the worst extreme metal drumming I have heard in a promo, ever.

The drums for this album is handled by Pearl Kacew, someone who has about as much skill as a severed hand shoved up the arse of a rhinoceros. The rhythm constantly fluctuates due to the drummers terrible time keeping and it really kills everything good about this album. It is clear that this group need to go back to the drawing board and find themselves some more musicians. As they say, a band is as good as their drummer. In the case of Mordatorium, your drummer is shit, your album is shit.

Had this album featured a proper sticksman, one that has played to a metronome and mastered the skill of time keeping, Obsessed With Death, would be an enjoyable simple death metal romp. But as it stands, it is a sad pathetic amateur product that no one on this planet should be purchasing.

Rating : 3 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Rampage
  2. Obsessed With Death
  3. Beheaded
  4. The Culling
  5. Biting Cold
  6. Murder Castle
  7. Overmind
  8. The Gallows
  9. The Butcher
  10. Catastrophe (bonus)