Review: Vanishing Lines

Moonshine Oversight are a relatively new band hailing from Touton, France. The band were founded in 2014 and have just released their entertaining debut album, Vanishing Lines.

Looking through the bands list of influences, it seems that my one complaint for this album was done on purpose from a musical perspective. You see, Vanishing Lines is a very well made, very well written album. There is not a bad song on the record, in fact I would go so far as to say that each song is worth listening to. But when I was listening to this record, I had a constant nagging feeling that the music would be better with some restraint from the players themselves. Now seeing that the band see themselves as a progressive rock band, it all now makes sense.

Through out the record, the band throw in a lot of heavy metal traits from the odd thrashing guitar to many lightning fast double bass drum fills. It’s these little parts that I don’t think work so well with the music. Had each song been more stripped back and implemented a bluesier sound with some slide guitar for example, I think it would have brought more out of their sound. Vanishing Lines has a selection of really good songs, but restraint needs to be shown from the band, even if that does mean trimming a minute or two off of the lengthier songs and telling the drummer to start drinking decaf drinks.

Moonshine Oversight is a band that has a considerable amount of talent and they use it very well here. Their record equipped with top notch production sounds fantastic when cranked up. There is a lot of different styles to it, but when you get down to the meat and bones, it is simply a very well made hard rock album. If that sounds like your kind of thing, I recommend checking it out.

Rating : 8 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Moonrise
  2. Vultures
  3. Beyond the Stars
  4. Mayflies
  5. Moonrakers
  6. Young Man
  7. Sparkling Cut
  8. Feel
  9. Echoes of Asymmetry