Review: Greatest Hits II

After releasing their 25th Anniversary: Best of Re-Recorded a few years earlier, southern rockers Molly Hatchet compiled an albums worth of material stemming from the band’s more recent albums under the banner of Greatest Hits II.

Greatest Hits II, is the kind of album that generally serves no purpose for Molly Hatchet fans. If their listeners kept up to date with the bands out put, then there is a very high chance that these songs are already in their collection on their individual albums. Where this album serves well is for those who are not familiar with the band and want to dive into their vast back catalogue.

For those who want a quick sum up of what the band have been up to since the break up (or slow death) of the original line up, this is the perfectly place to start. As far as studio input goes, I have always felt the later day Molly Hatchet albums have been very consistent and very enjoyable. Songs like Tatanka, Mississippi Moondog and Rainbow Bridge are always great to hear. This record takes these songs and many others and makes a pretty impressive compilation out of it.

The album comes with a second CD featuring classic Molly Hatchet songs played live. The quality of this disc is average at best but the performances of classics like Gator Country, Whiskey Man and Bounty Hunter are one that never get old. Say what you want about the Ingram led band, but they put every once of energy into their performances.

As I said earlier, if you already have the Ingram based Molly Hatchet albums, this compilation will do little for you. But if you want to get intot he band then I suggest pick up Greatest Hits II and 25th Anniversary: Best of Re-Recorded. It is a perfect place to start and is guaranteed to be a very good time.

Rating : 8 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Son of the South (CD 1)
  2. Heart of the USA (CD 1)
  3. Tatanka (CD 1)
  4. Fall of the Peacemakers (CD 1)
  5. American Pride (CD 1)
  6. Devil's Canyon (CD 1)
  7. World of Trouble (CD 1)
  8. Down From the Mountain (CD 1)
  9. I'm Gonna Live 'til I Die (CD 1)
  10. Safe In My Skin (CD 1)
  11. Rainbow Bridge (CD 1)
  12. Cornbread Mafia (CD 1)
  13. Mississippi Moon Dog (CD 1)
  14. The Journey (CD 1)
  15. Bounty Hunter (CD 2 - Live)
  16. Gator Country (CD 2 - Live)
  17. Edge of Sundown (CD 2 - Live)
  18. Whiskey Man (CD 2 - Live)
  19. Beatin' the Odds (CD 2 - Live)
  20. Dreams I'll Never See (CD 2 - Live)
  21. The Creeoer (CD 2 - Live)
  22. Flirtin' With Disaster (CD 2 - Live)
  23. Sacred Ground (previously unrelease) (CD 2 - Live)