Review: Miss Lucid

Miss Lucid is the self titled debut band from the Scottish group Miss Lucid. The album is an interesting mix of rock styles and shows how an up coming indie band can sound just as good as the professionals.

Personally speaking, Miss Lucid is not an album that speaks to my personal tastes but I heard more than enough catchy licks, riffs and memorable melodies to find the album consistently interesting. Songs like the opening The Beast, the more laid back The Craft and the considerably heavier Prosthetic Anaesthetic are all great examples of how to pull of variety without sounding forced.

Miss Lucid sound really tight here, clearly a band that play together as each musician compliments one another perfectly. The album itself has been nicely poppy sound. It brings out the best of the melody and stops the guitars from sounding over powering. The bands singer has a limited vocal range but clearly has the smarts to use it to the best of his ability. When I initially heard the opening track with the heavy riffing, I was expecting some popular modern style screaming or growling. Instead what we get is a more softer voice and I really like it. The band as a whole have a lot of character.

The only thing I think that works against this album is that the mastering is a little loud. This album would sound wonderful on the ears had it been a little quieter with less chance of distortion. With that said, this is still a really fine album and I could see these boys going somewhere if they manage to squeeze out an equally impressive follow up.

Rating : 9 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. The Beast
  2. Seduction of Solitude
  3. Another Pathogen
  4. The Craft
  5. The Great Divide
  6. Good Intentions
  7. Prosthetic Anaesthetic
  8. Stem the Future
  9. The Infinitely Lonely
  10. Prey For Love
  11. -1

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