Review: Beyond Magnetic

When Metallica released Death Magnetic in 2008, lots of fans, musicians and people across the world were absolutely horrified with the fact that not only did the band release a lot of sub par music but it was hands down the worst sounding album in their back catalogue.

Metallica’s band leader Lars Ulrich should be ashamed for letting that album out in public. Not only was it an embarrassment to the band but to their fans. In 2011 the band tried to make up for releasing the even more horrific Lulu by releasing a four track EP called Beyond Magnetic. This EP is made up of four tracks that did not make it onto the bands full length album.

Because of the previously awful sounding recordings, I have hesitated to purchase this item until 2017 and it is unfortunate that I did so. The songs Hate Train, Just A Bullet Away, Hell And Back and Rebel Of Babylon are not only better sounding recordings but they are actually better songs than a vast majority of Death Magnetic. Each song has a good heavy thrash metal riffs that blares into a good catchy chorus and has some melody thrown in for good measure. Despite being four fairly long songs, each one is very well paced and were quite fun to listen to.

As I mentioned earlier, one of the biggest selling points for this extended play is the fact that the album sounds considerably better than Death Magnetic. The band have the same sound but it is clear that the record has had a better producer at the helm and boy, does it sound good.

Fans of Metallica should definitely pick upĀ Beyond Magnetic without a doubt. Had the band released this with the addition of That Was Just Your Way, All Nightmare Long and My Apocalypse, I reckon Death Magnetic could have been a far superior record. Unfortunately this was not the case and we have to accept that sad fact. The good thing is, Beyond Magnetic is an easy cheap record to find and I do recommend doing so.

Rating : 8 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Hate Train
  2. Just a Bullet Away
  3. Hell and Back
  4. Rebel of Babylon

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