Review: The Spell

The Spell is a three track EP and the follow up to Mantar’s second full length album, Ode To The Flame. This short little monster is an entertaining but otherwise unremarkable piece of music.

Mantar are a two man group who boast some heavy raw guitars and an almost black metal like sound but they clearly lack the ability to do anything interesting with it. The songs start with loud roaring guitars and tub thumping drums, soldier on for a good fifteen minutes or so and finish on the same note that they started on. It is incredibly under whelming and not something I want to listen to again.

The thing with this EP is that the songs on The Spell are not actually bad. The problem is the over all sound the band have went with. The riffs are catchy and there are noticeable catchy vocal lines in there. But there is a complete lack of melody and it would have been easy to rectify with some tasteful lead guitar and a singer that, quite frankly, could sing.

The Spell is highly over produced and suffers from some major clipping and distortion. It is not a pleasant record to listen to and maybe fans will enjoy it, but it just sounds like a mess to me. If this extended play had good production, I would have easily recommended it to fans of the band but as it stands, what’s the point? It sounds terrible.

Rating : 6 / 10

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Track Listing :

  1. Pest Crusade
  2. Age of the Vril
  3. The Spell